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The Top Quality Kitchen Faucets You Can Own
A remodelling project means finding the best compliments to your kitchen, and for a truly finished, look top quality kitchen faucets are an absolute must. The following are some of the models to consider for your home.
Delta 9178

As one of the most popular kitchen faucets on the market today, it is also a top seller amongst other brands, and is regarded as a premium pull down faucet available on the market today. The Delta 9178 is lightweight, easily adjustable from cold towards hot temperatures, and comes with quality customer service via Delta. Installation is also easy and it comes at a very affordable price.
Kraus KPF-1602
Offering a great look as well as outstanding functionality, the Kraus KPF-1602 is constructed with brass and steel and can be used as a solid stream or spray as desired. It is easy to install and is attractively priced for most budgets.
Delta 980T
As a pull down touch option that boasts elegant design and a unique pillar design, the Delta 980T also comes equipped with the power of Delta’s patented Touch20 technology that offers high functionality. With a touch-enabled on/off switch and soap dispenser, it is a deluxe kitchen faucet to consider.

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Delta 9159-DST
Featuring innovative design as well as functionality, the Delta 9159-DST is a single handle faucet pull down edition that is long-lasting and switches from spray to stream and comes equipped with swivel action and is drip-free.
Delta 9192-RB-DST
Featuring magnatite docking, and a pull down spray head, the Delta 9192-RB-DST is a single handle faucet that features a higher arc for filling pots and is easily toggled between stream and spray.
Moen 7185CSL

With aerated stream and a higher arc than most models, the Moen 7185CSL is a single pull down faucet that mounts on a three hole sink or only a single hole, with no splashing ever. Also, consumers can expect premium customer service from the company.
Kraus KPF-2110
A heavy duty faucet constructed from solid stainless steel, the Kraus KPF-2110 offers user-friendly flow control and temperature gauges and is easy to install and operate.

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Delta 9192T-DST
An impressive faucet by any standards, the Delta 9192T-DST is features Delta’s Touch20 technology that operates on 6 AA batteries and is easy to install.
Kohler K-780
Featuring a high arc spout design and self-retracting hose, the Kohler K-780 is a pull down faucet that is a powerful addition to any kitchen, with a nozzle that is easy to maneuver even at higher water pressures.
Moen 7594BL
The Moen 7594BL is a matte black finish faucet that’s included as part of Moen’s Arbor collection.
·         Handle can be placed either on right or left side
·         Pull down spout has a switch to toggle between stream and spray
·         Easy installation
Delta 9158
The Delta 9158  is a single handle pull down faucet which is not only excellent craftsmanship, but distinctly beautiful.
·         Simple installation
·         Power magnetic action with MagnaTite Docking
·         high quality faucet worth the investment
Delta 21925LF
The Delta 21925LF is from the Vessona collection and is a two handle kitchen faucet with a spray nozzle. This is a timeless and classic design perfect for great kitchens!
·         easy filling of big pots as stream is directly at the middle of sink
·         handles easily turned off/on
·         simple installation
Moen 7175CSL
The Moen 7175CSL offers a pull down faucet with a high arc and more than enough height to fill the biggest pots.
·         excellent height makes washing hands or individual items easy
·         Convenient spout that is pull down and a one-handle design for the lever
·         great flow and clearance over sink
·         easy installation, minimal instruction

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Grohe SD0

The Grohe SD0 is a pull out faucet belonging to Grohe’s collection entitled Ladylux Plus.
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·         amazing swivel action for filling pans  
·         premium product with great functionality
·         water goes off and on very softly
·         easy installation
Delta Foundations
Delta Foundations is a bronze faucet with two handles as well as sprayer.
·         easy to install
·         excellent faucet for both small and medium sized sinks
·         superb value for investment
Delta 19922
This model is a pull down faucet with single handle that comes equipped with an additional soap dispenser. The Delta 19922 belongs to the brand’s Ashton series.
·         great look, easy installation, sleek design
·         MagnaTite Docking advanced technology y
·         proper positioning for water temperature
·         lifetime warranty
·         responsive on/off knobs