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Top Rated Welding Helmets to Keep You Safe

For extended periods of welding or regular use, wearability and comfort are two very important components for a helmet that should be taken into consideration when purchasing one. The best welding helmets will protect you with a proper face shield that feature an auto-darkening lens. Although single shade options are still currently available, they require more attention as you take your eyes away from a job to maneuver the faceplate.

The best welding helmets these come with solar power and auto-darkening that will keep eyes protected and you never have to worry about darkening or failing batteries. The following welding helmets have been vetted and proven to be the best of the options currently available on the market.

Jackson W70 BH3

As a high quality option that is American made and expertly constructed, the Jackson W70 BH3 comes equipped with a large viewing lens and auto-darkening features to protect against UV and infrared light. It also adheres to all rules from the ANSI Z87.1 standards, and it can also be worn when wearing hard hats.

It weighs slightly more than some models and is priced somewhat higher, but is well worth the investment – it has been designed to fully protect the head and neck and comes with headgear adjustments to fit any proportions. It has earned top marks from users and is one the most solidly built welding helmets of the top tier models available for industrial and home use.

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Antra AH6-260-0000

For those that consider themselves part-time welders, the Antra AH6-260-0000 is an excellent deal to consider for several reasons. For short projects, it is perfect, and it comes with solar power and auto-darkening features that will increase your welding precision. Not all welding helmets are created equal, and this model has been considered one of the most trustworthy and reliable available today.

There are head adjustments to ensure a tight fit and with no batteries necessary to power up the lens, you will save even more money long-term and makes this an eco-friendly option on the market.

ArcPro 20702

If you are searching for a welding helmet that is ideal for long hours of work, the ArcPro 20702 is a great choice and comes with an adjustable headband that is padded for a perfect fit. This model reduces slipping and the strain of added weight hanging overhead. As a commitment to consumer safety, the ArcPro 20702 meets or exceeds all requirements held by safety boards.

This helmet is lighter than other models and comes with the advisory to select only if you are into short-term use. Reviewers note that it is the perfect addition to any projects. It is, one of the most affordable on the market and comes in handy for occasional home usage. For these reasons, it continues to be one of the more popular models available for retail on the market today.

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Final Considerations

As with any types of safety equipment, you should spend a bit of time researching and trying out various models until you find the perfect one for your budget and needs. While there are less expensive welding helmets that can get the job done, they are usually heavier and are uncomfortable, which can lead to injury. The more money you spend on a welding helmet, the least likely you are to suffer from neck sprains and you will be more comfortable for longer periods of time.

Additionally, higher-end models offer better versatility and accuracy while welding. This takes careful evaluation, however, as newer models may also come with extensive electronics that end up putting even more additional weight on the welding helmet.

Of course, all welding helmets should pass certain standards tests and be approved by the proper organizations for safety issues. If the welding helmet is labelled as ‘ANSI-approved’, then it more than likely meets older standards, but not necessarily the newer ones. For your health and protection, it is never worth the risk to buy a welding helmet that may not meet the basic requirements of safety.

Instead, invest a bit more money to get the proper equipment for your project and never have to worry about the capabilities of the tools you are using.

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